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Missing From Me Signed Paperback

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410 pages

Sean is the ultimate rock star.
Anna is the girl he left behind.
And the only woman to ever own his heart.

When Sean got his big break, he had to make a choice.
Leave behind his high school sweetheart, or face a life of “what ifs.”
He decided to pursue his dream.
And in a drunken haze, he betrayed Anna in such a way there was no going back.

But he never forgot her,
Never moved on.
She was the beat in his head.
The unfinished symphony.
His greatest love.
And his deepest regret.

Four years later, a chance encounter brings them back in the same orbit.
Sean wants another shot.
But do second chances really exist?
Or are some betrayals too deep to overcome?

Missing From Me is an epic story about redemption. True love. And music.
Because every great romance deserves a soundtrack.

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