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Gone For You Signed Paperback

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176 pages

He’s a sexy rock star with a few days to kill. And he’s got his sights set on me.

Struggling artist Lily Tennison only has a few months before she can quit her job at Austin’s most luxurious resort and pursue her true passion. Painting.

But when Cameron Knight, the sexy as sin guitarist for the band Caged, needs a place to hide out from the press for a few days, Lily’s entire world turns upside down.

Dangerous. Sexy. Wild. Cam is everything Lily shouldn’t want. Not to mention, a fling with a musician might just be the one thing that severs her relationship with her family for good.

Cameron loves his life. His freedom. His music. When it comes to women, there’s no such thing as a repeat performance. But one night with the gorgeous blonde has him bending the rules.

Lily wants a taste of something forbidden.
Cameron wants to give it to her.
They’ve only got four days.
So what could it hurt?

Gone For You is a light hearted introduction to Jayne Frost’s angsty rock star romance series, The Sixth Street Bands, Each book in the series features recurring characters, but can be read as a standalone. NO CLIFFHANGERS.

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