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Fall With Me Signed Paperback

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166 pages

He’s a rock star with a brain.
She’s a grad student with no time to waste on a musician.

Christian Seers has it all figured out. Literally. He may look like a tatted-up rock star, but he’s got an IQ that rivals Einstein. After doing the math and weighing the odds, he’s learned one thing—love doesn’t exist.

Attraction? Lust?
That’s real. Biological.
And convenient too, since women love musicians.

Grad student Melody Sullivan doesn’t have time to date.
Between working at a fast food joint, studying, and researching diseases, men are the last thing on her radar.

Besides, love isn’t real. It’s a chemical thing.
Hormones. Pheromones.
Things that can be quantified.

Since Christian and Melody are too smart to fall for the oldest con going—love— they’re perfect for each other.
For now.
And now is all they want.

Can all fun and no strings really work?
Or is someone bound to fall?

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