The Road So Far—Missing From Me Pre-Launch

My newest book came out this week in pre-release, and I wanted to share a little bit about the journey I took in writing this story. So far, I’ve written two books in this series. In each of my books, I try to infuse as much real life as I can.
In Gone For You, Cameron, my male lead, is a pretty easy going guy. Cameron has a good life, mostly because his brother raised him. Chase (Cameron’s brother) took the brunt of the abuse from their father, thereby leaving Cameron with very little to fret about.
In Fall With Me, Christian is a rockstar with a brain. His reasoning skills factored into how he handled love and in turn his relationships. Overall, Christian is well rounded, with or without the music.
And now we come to Missing From Me.
Where do I begin?
First, let me tell you a little about my process as a writer. It starts with an idea—a world that I build. And in that world, there are flawed people. Damaged souls. Maybe it was their home life or their circumstances. Maybe they’ve been shaped by tragedy. But still, they have a story to tell.
In the case of Missing From Me, Sean’s story was a little darker. At times I pleaded with him to tell me a different story, but he couldn’t. So over the course of two years, I listened to him. When I was driving, before I went to sleep, sometimes in the middle of the night, Sean spoke to me.
I cried writing some of his scenes. Because as I said, I don’t write anything that doesn’t have a ring of truth. My writing is where my real life and my imagination collide. So there are bits of my life that coalesced with Sean’s.
You may wonder why I’m writing this post. Quite honestly, it’s because I love my characters. Even Sean in all his messy glory.
Will you love Missing From Me? Well, I certainly hope so. Every author hopes that their words will be loved and understood. I want my books to speak to you, to soothe pieces of your soul, to show you that even the most damaged among us can find their happily ever after.
But reading should be an escape. And if these darker characters, their actions, their words, don’t resonate, that’s okay.
I poured my heart and soul into this book, and after I typed “The End,” Sean told me he was pleased. I will miss his voice in my head. Because sometimes it’s the people with the most baggage who’ve made the longest journeys— who’ve grown the most and reached that place where the sun shines the brightest. And in the end, when they get their happily ever after, it’s the most gratifying for me.
I’ve done my job.