Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: GONE FOR YOU

Ready for a sneak peek at my upcoming novel Gone for You? This is Lily and Cam’s first time together…and things are heating up fast.Divider

“You think he suspects anything?” She looked up, the wrinkle on her forehead begging me to smooth it away.

“No, darlin’,” I lied, pulling her against me. “Besides, we haven’t done anything.”


Dropping my mouth to hers, I quieted her protest, threading my hands through her hair. I Gone-for-You-Idea-smallswallowed her soft moan, letting it echo in my chest. Lifting her off the ground, I buried my face in her neck. The tip of my tongue made a slow path across her collarbone. Her skin was sweet as honey.

“Fuck, Lily, you’re sweet,” I groaned. “So fucking sweet.”

She hooked her leg around mine, and my cock stirred when our hips met. She pressed against me, a silent assent that stilled my heart. Before I had time to think, I swept her in my arms and carried her toward the bedroom.

She searched my face when I slid her down my body and onto the bed. Leaning over, I untied the laces of my boots, kicking them to the side. The sight of her had me in a near frenzy. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and unbuttoned my jeans. Giving her a smile, I pulled out my wallet and dug out a condom, throwing it on the bed. She snapped her head around, looking at the foil package then back to me.

Sliding my zipper down, I let my jeans fall to the floor and dropped to my knees in front of her.

“I think you’ve got too many clothes on, darlin’.” I reached down to slip the Converse off her feet. “Let’s see what we can do about that. Lay back for me.”

I stilled when she hesitated, bringing her hand to my face. Her lips were parted, as if to ask me something.

“You okay?” I rose to eye level, leaning into her touch.

“Fine,” she murmured, dragging my lips to hers for a slow kiss.

Breaking away, she lowered herself to the mattress, never taking her eyes off me. I stared at her, fingering the button of her jeans for a second before popping it open. Tugging at her zipper, I finally chanced a peek at the smooth skin of her stomach. I leaned forward and planted a soft kiss just below her belly button. And I was gone. Gone for her.

I pulled off her jeans with a couple of tugs, and her hand clamped down on mine when I reached for her panties. Slipping out of my grasp, she moved to the head of the bed.

“Come here.” She reached out a hand for me, pulling me toward her when I grabbed it.

Positioning myself on top of her, I ground my cock into her thigh. My mouth came down hard on hers, tangling our tongues in a fury. I devoured her, my desire to get close, closer, driving me to distraction.

Breaking our connection abruptly, she brought her hand to my face. “What’s your hurry, Cameron?”

The question hung between us as I stared down at her. “I…”

Before I could finish, she pulled me to her, pressing a soft kiss on my bottom lip. There was no frenzy. No promise of wild abandon. Just a lingering taste of honey, and her fingers in my hair. Sliding her tongue between my lips, she rolled it over mine in a gentle wave.

The tension that built behind the kiss sent pulses of electricity shooting through me. It was the sweetest kind of torture. The kind that you couldn’t satisfy. Not in weeks. Or months.

Or two days.

I rolled on my back, the thought sobering me like a bucket of cold water. Lily froze beside me. Reaching down, I found her hand, lacing our fingers as the weight of it settled on me.

“I didn’t want you to stop,” she said quietly. “Just slow down.”

“I’m not stopping, baby. Just catching my breath.”

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